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5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

If you are anything like me, your kids costumes are either put together or bought at the very last minute. This year, I thought I'd get a head start since I still have 23 days left....ha!

As I've been perusing Pinterest, I thought I would gather my top 5 favorite DIY costumes and share them with you.

1. DIY Frankenstein T-shirt

This one over at kidsactivitiesblog.com may be my absolute favorite, just because of sheer simplicity. I mean, how much easier can it get? Now, if I can just talk one of the boys into being Frankenstein!

2. DIY Pirate and Ghost Costume

The boys love acting like they are pirates, so this one will definitely be in our list of top 5 contenders this year. The ghost also looks so simple, which momma would love. Take a peek at poofycheeks.com!

3. DIY Rooster Costume

Holy smokes! This rooster costume at www.instructables.com is the cutest costume I've ever seen! It is a little more on the complex side for what I normally look at, but our youngest would be sooo stinking cute in it!

4. DIY Bam Bam Costume

Our two year old is a blonde haired blue eyed fella so this costume would be much simpler and just as cute as the rooster outfit. There aren't any instructions, but it doesn't look to hard to figure out and seems like something I could have done in an hour or so. Check it out at thegypsysouldiaries.com

5. DIY Alvin and the Chipmunks

This is another one where there are no directions, but love the pictures at thecountingcourseys.blogspot.com! I could just get some oversized hoodies in red, blue, and green. Then tape an A on the red one. Get glasses, caps, and call it done! Boys would love it, and momma would be happy!

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